Reserves & Resources

Summary of Reserves

2P Reserves by Asset and Product as at 31 December 2023

2P Reserves by Asset 1 - April 2023

2P Reserves by Asset 2 - April 2023
As at 31 December 2023 MMBOE
Proved plus probable reserves (2P) 22.6
Reserves replacement ratio (1) ~14%
Reserves (2P) life(2) ~4.7 years

Notes to the reserves summary

  1. The reserve-replacement ratio (RRR) is the amount of recoverable reserves (excludes acquisitions.) added to a company's reserves basis during the year divided by the production of the company during the same year.

  2. The 'reserves' life is the 2P reserves (Developed and Undeveloped) divided by production during the year on an economic interest basis.