Bajiaochang (BJC) Field

Asset overview - Chuanzhong Block

Sichuan Basin, onshore China

528km2 development area, located in Yanting County, north-east of Chengdu.
Operator Roc Oil (Chengdu) Limited 
JV partners and interests
Roc Oil (Chengdu) Limited 

Producing virtually dry gas with minor condensate from tight sandstone reservoirs from 30+ wells. Current production is ~39mmscf/day, with SHAX reservoirs contributing 90% of production. 

The production process involves cable cluster perforation and staged fracturing. 14 well pads are connected by 31km of in-field gas gathering pipelines to a compressor station at one of the wellheads, which is the delivery point of wet gas into PetroChina's regional system.  Condensate is sold at well pad locations and is trucked by PetroChina. 

Currently implementing plans for further development of the field, including infill well drilling.

First Production  Pilot testing commenced in 1997 from deep (>2600m) Xiangxi (XX) reservoirs. Commercial production period commenced in 2007 at modest rates. The shallower (1500-2000m) Shaximiao (SHAX) reservoirs were developed and commenced commercial production in 2013 at significantly higher rates.

The block is in a prolific oil and gas producing area. 

The BJC structure is an east-west oriented anticline with minor extensional faulting. The main SHAX reservoir comprises Middle Jurassic fluvial sandstone channels (geobodies) interbedded with lacustrine and fluvial-deltaic mudstones and siltstones which act as the reservoir seal. 

The field currently produces from seven geobodies, with additional potential in multiple untested geobodies and in deeper reservoirs of the Upper Triassic XX formation.


ROC acquired the entire issued share capital of EOG Resources China Limited, the Contractor of the Chuanzhong Block. The transaction completed in May 2021.

The development of the Chuanzhong Block is governed by a Petroleum Contract with PetroChina.

Since acquisition, ROC completed three previously drilled wells following which the field achieved record production. 

Implementation of an Amended Overall Development Plan commenced in 2022. Work in progress includes a new dew point plant project, an LNG-processing project, new well pads, pipelines, well completions and development drilling.