A$ Australian currency.

acre Unit of land measurement, 1 sq km is equivalent to 247.105 acres.

AIM Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange.

ASX Australian Stock Exchange Limited.

BBLS Barrels, equivalent to 0.159 kilo litres (1/6.2898).

BCF One billion cubic feet of natural gas.

BOE Barrel of oil equivalent. The factor used to convert gas to oil equivalent is based upon an approximate energy value of 6,000 cubic feet per barrel and not price equivalence at the time.

BOEPD Barrel of oil equivalent per day.

BOPD Barrel of oil per day inclusive of natural gas liquids.

C&S Cased and suspended.

EIS Environmental impact statement.

FDP Field development plan.

FID Final investment decision.

FPSO Floating production storage and offloading system.

GST Goods and services tax.

km Kilometres.

m Metre.

MCF One thousand cubic feet of natural gas.

MM Million.

MMBOE One million barrels of oil equivalent.

MMSCFD One million standard cubic feet of natural gas per day.

NGLs Natural gas liquids.

P&A Plugged and abandoned.

pound or £ UK pounds.

probable reserves Probable reserves are less certain than proved reserves and can be estimated with a degree of certainty sufficient to indicate they are more likely to be recovered than not. Note that probable reserves have not been risked.

proved reserves Proved reserves can be estimated with reasonable certainty to be recoverable under current economic conditions. Current economic conditions include prices and costs prevailing at the time of the estimate. Proved reserves may be developed or undeveloped.

PSA Production sharing agreement.

PSC Production sharing contract.

ROC Roc Oil Company Limited and its related entities.

therm Calorific heating value of gas.

trading profit Sales revenue net of production costs, amortisation expense and restoration expense.

sq km or km2 Square kilometres.

UK United Kingdom.

US$ United States dollars.

2D Two demensional.

3D Three dimensional.

2P Proved and probable reserves.