Climate Action


We are committed to conducting our business in a way that minimises the impact to the environment. To enable us to achieve this, we integrate environmental risk management into our overall business decision making processes and operational activities. This includes management of risks associated with climate change and transitioning to a net-zero Greenhouse Gas ("GHG") emissions business.

ROC's target is to become a net-zero GHG emissions energy business by 2050, in step with our ultimate parent company's (Fosun International Limited) goal.

Becoming a net-zero GHG emissions energy business means that we are reducing GHG emissions to zero from our operations and all aspects of our business activities through both reduction and offset measures. 

Climate Action


The Board has ultimate responsibility for risk management, and their decision-making takes climate-related risks into consideration. 

Our Board of Directors, senior management and operational-level employees all have a role in identifying, assessing and managing climate-related risks and opportunities.

Our corporate HSE Manager, who reports directly to the CEO, has leadership responsibility for climate-related issues and provides regular performance updates to the Board. 

We continue to evaluate and enhance our risk assessment processes to ensure company leaders have the information they need to manage climate-related risks.

Reporting boundaries

Reporting boundaries include only ROC's operated offices and producing assets globally.

We endeavour to be a trusted partner of choice for all our operations in the countries where we operate. We will keep in close contact with industry peers, partners, regulators and other stakeholders to monitor the latest development in emission reduction technologies and offset measures and implement them as appropriately on this challenging journey to meet a net-zero target.