ROC recognises that wherever it operates there will be people with legal, economic and emotional ties to the area. It seeks to engage and deal openly with communities and personal interests in a sensitive, just and equitable way. ROC sees that it should not only be a good neighbour, but that it must also be a responsible local citizen in areas such as employment, local expenditure, training and support of local community initiatives. We take a proactive approach to engage stakeholders within the communities we work amongst.

We typically focus on community support strategies which have education as a central theme.


MyKasih Foundation

ROC supports the surrounding communities in Sarawak through the MyKasih Foundation. The Foundation was set up in 2009 to help low income families to provide food aid and educational assistance including skills training and business classes.

Piloted in December 2008 with 25 families, MyKasih Foundation has changed the way welfare aid is managed and distributed with the use of MyKad technology. It has also taken an all round approach with the adoption of education programmes to complement its food aid. To date, close to 10,000 families in 105 communities all over Malaysia, including Sabah and Sarawak, now benefit from the MyKasih programme.

ROC expanded its support of the MyKasih Foundation during 2012 to include the 'Love My School' programme which provides financial support to underprivileged families educating their children. Students from low income households in Bintulu, Sarawak, are given a Smart Card which pays for their purchase of school books, stationery items and food from the school canteen.